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How To Become A Member

To become a member of the Corporation, a person must:
  1. Apply in writing using the Membership Application Form
  2. Meet the eligibility criteria (i.e. be over 18 years old and is a member of the Yugunga-Nya People (as defined by the Federal Court Determination)
  3. Supply supporting documentation such as a Birth Certificate and photo identification
  4. Have their application assessed and accepted by the Directors (or Elders Council)

A Membership Application Form can be downloaded from the button below.

Membership Application Form
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Members of Yugunga-Nya Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC have rights under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act and Rule Book, including:


  • Attending, speaking, and voting at general meetings and annual general meetings
  • Nominating and being elected or appointed as a Director (subject to eligibility criteria)
  • Put forward resolutions to be voted on at meetings (in accordance with procedure)
  • Ask questions of Directors and Auditors at meetings
  • Ask to make changes to the Rule Book